The word “Favo”  comes from Latin “Fàvus” from “Phàbus” and means “honeycomb“; someone claims it is linked to Sanscrit “Bhàv-ana” ,that means “habitation” and shares a common root with the Gotic “hauan“, that turned in ancient German “baun” and then in the modern “bauen“, which means “to fabricate“.

This powerful word evokes a cluster of concepts around the capability to build the space we live in. Also, it obviously reminds bees: honeycombs are built by a collective of individuals that work in synergy, each one on a small piece, producing one of the most characteristic examples of geometric harmony and engineering in Nature.

As part of a community, we behave like bees:  everybody manipulate a small part of the reality. Today, we can share our work on the network; thank’s to the network, we can grow faster and contribute to other’s projects. The product of each one’s work is just a little brick, a small dowel that comes to the whole.

Little actions together can bring big things to life!