Rhinoceros is one of the most powerful NURBS modeling tools on the market.

Mainly used to study complex shapes, NURBS are now a standard in Automotive, Aerospace and Architecture, where CAD design is often used to study the complexity with high precision.

Favolab makes personal training, that can be booked by the user and arranged for him. Courses are held by an Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer (ART).

At the end, you will achieve a Certificate for the Course attended.


Depending on your knowledge level or your specific needs, a training can be tailored just for you!

Rhinoceros training is divided in two levels:

Rhinoceros Level I    (Français / English)

Rhinoceros Level II  (Français / English)

Each course takes 3 days full time or 6 days part-time.

Please refer to the Tutorial Page  of Rhinoceros website and download the Pdf Guides (with exercises files) in order to test your competences. 

During  the courses, you will discover the fundamental guidelines of professional NURBS modeling in Rhino and you will learn how to deal with complex shapes.

In addition, a one day course dedicated to Grasshopper is available:

Introduction to Grasshopper  (Français / English)

Grasshopper is a great expansion for Rhino: it is a visual coding platform that permits the creation of algorithms, generating deeply complex models and enabling parametric modelling in Rhino environment.

Tips and Resources


There are many websites that offer video tutorials and learning material on Grasshopper. Here below, a list of them:

  1. Grasshopper Tutorial Page

  2. Modelab

  3. Christev Creative

  4. Exlab Vimeo Channel

  5. Design playground

  6. Design Coding

  7. Digital Toolbox

  8. Om Youtube Channel


Useful Resources:

Docs.McNeel is a very useful portal where to find answers on Rhinoceros tools.

Here below some useful references about hidden Object Snaps:

Object Snap toolbar

Object snaps